Scientific research from astrophysics to biology tends to support the idea that rhythm is a fundamental force. Neurological studies into the way our brains function suggest that drumming can bring a transformation of our ordinary consciousness.

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Scientists can measure the number of energy waves per second pulsing through the brain. The results were categorized as follows.


14 to 21 cycles per second

The highest frequency , the state of awareness. It is associated with active, waking attention, focused on external activities. Also during state of anxiety, tension and fear.


7 to 14 cycles per second

They indicate a relaxed internal focus and a sense of well being.
Playing music and even listening can bring us in Alpha state.


4 to 7 cycles per second

Semiconscious state. Experience mainly at sleep or in a deep meditation.


1 to 4 cycles per second

State of unconsciousness or deep sleep. The fetus emit delta wave.


Neurological studies indicate that the brain is divided into tow hemispheres that share control of mental activity. In very young children they develop as one. But about 5 years of age each hemisphere begin to specialize.

Right brain: functions as the creative center, it is the seat of visual aural an emotional memory. Processing information in holistic, intuitive terms. Left brain: the administrator, the rational mind.it proceeds in logical, analytical, verbal and sequential fashion.

We shift from on side to the other depending on which skill we require. The right brain maybe generating alpha state while the left brain is ina beta state or maybe both hemispheres can also be generating the same type of brain wave but remain out of sync, but in a state of intense creativity or deep meditation or under the influence of rhythmic sound, both hemispheres may begin operation in the same synchronized rhythm which is called " hemispheric synchronization".

Hemispheric synchronization on the alpha level can create feelings of euphoria, expanded mental powers and intense creativity.

Drumming is perhaps the most effective way to induce brain-wave synchronization. Musical comprehension has be found to be a joint function of left and right brain hemispheres. Andrew neher conducted a series of well known experiments showing that rhythms of the drum act as an auditory driving mechanism. Able to drive or entrain the person s brain waves into alpha or theta state.