Music improves children's social competence, intelligence, concentration, musical skills/creativity/achievement, anxiety & emotional instability.

Music and drumming increase children's happiness, intelligence, balance, concentration, tolerance and friendliness. That's why we offer the below classes.

Ages 3-6

Kido music program provides a foundation to music learning that can be applied to any instrument later on, whether your child is doing it for fun or if you are looking for a long term plan.

The length of the program is one year divided into 4 semesters. Each semester is separate. The courses will teach kids what music is, through singing, piano and rhythm learning they will understand pitches and notation. A variety of music instruments education and other resources and games are provided.

We have a specialized approach to music education. Our teachers are fully qualified musicians and teachers that have passion for music. The classes are fun, active and educational to secure the foundation for music learning and appreciation.

Class sizes are small from 8 to 10 kids in each class. We are committed to the children and we will monitor their development and musical inclination through each semester assessment.

Beyond Kido Music Ages 7 and Above

At the age of 7 , children are ready to engage in instrument learning.

Refer to our instruments page here.

Group learning:
With exception to the piano, the rest of our instruments are given in small groups.

One on one:
Whether you wish to:

- Learn to play

- Develop your existing skills

- Prepare for examinations