Human connection and synchronicity through music coaching:

Group Drumming is an incredibly powerful experience, although, it radiates an electrifying energy as the sound waves that emanate from the drum intensely infuse and significantly alter the surrounding atmosphere. The outcome is a bonding experience that empowers teams as much as it empowers each individual. Because each one of us has a unique creative spirit. Learning to improvise is a great tool for personal growth and healing that can also free your creative mind in an inclusive yet synchronized way.

From drum circle events to corporate coaching drumming, to a small group of people or a large community. From a couple of hours workshop on team building or to a couple of days retreats. Every program is designed to reflect the needs of the circle's objectives.

Allowing the flow of communication and building a common language expressed to include all the participants. We support teams and individuals to work on many goals such as leadership development, communications skills and team creativity.

Is your business looking to enhance the positivity and effectiveness of teamwork and team spirit?
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