We also believe that music is therapeutic .The term music therapy strengthens the value of music beyond entertainment, honoring its traditional reverence. The say music medicine is to move music to a place in your life beyond entertainment or distraction. Instead of tuning out, this approach allows you to use music to tune in and tune up.

Our members will have the chance to choose from several instruments while the possibility to practice music in many settings. Be it a group class or one on to one.We will also offer interactive music jam and private concerts.

We are encouraging group learning and collective learning. Drumming radiates an electrifying energy as the sound waves that emanate from the drum intensely infuse and significantly alter the surrounding atmosphere.


Sabrine is the founder and Darbuka instructor at Cairo Rhythm House, a space for musicians and lovers of music to learn and connect. A dream for many years finally materialized in 2016 when its doors were opened.

Sabrine is one of a handful of women who has pursued the darbuka professionally. Her training and subsequent experience in the field is a testament to her mastery of the instrument.

She mentored with one of the best darbuka players in the world, Misrli Ahmet from Turkey, after which she began a journey of playing and teaching world wide.
Being of a multicultural background, with Spanish, Turkish and French influence, Sabrine brings a fresh interpretation to the darbuka.

Sabrine has attended many jazz and percussion festivals, toured Turkey with Anadole Atache and Moustafa Erdwan, played with DJs in Paris as well as being invited to play at the Cairo opera house.

In 2010 EMI released Sabrine's debut record 'Darbuka Heat' featuring artists from Europe and the Middle East.
Her most recent endeavor has been teaching and she has opened her own school. Her split finger technique, unique to only a few players in the world is now being transmitted through Sabrine's teaching.

Sabrine has also worked in the corporate world at some of egypts largest companies. In 2015 she got certified as a coach which allowed her to lead corporate drumming workshops and drum circles.

With her drum, she has crossed cultural territories and frontiers, bringing the whole spirit of Darbuka to a new place. Her new mission is to transmit her knowledge of the darbuka to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Check out Sabrine's personal website here!