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Welcome to
Dom Tak Cairo

Cairo Rhythm House is a contemporary approach to learn different instruments from different cultures, offering a variety of musical experiences for all ages.

Our philosophy regarding rhythm education is to be as all-inclusive as possible. We believe that music should be available for all. Therefore, We don't believe that talent is the only reason why we should pursue learning a musical instrument.

Music is good for us in so many ways.


Our members have the chance to choose from several instruments and services while the possibility to practice music in many settings. Be it a group class or one on one. We will also offer interactive music jams and private listening classes.

Events & Workshops

The house offers specific instrumental workshops that will take place in the studios or outdoor. Events such as corporate drumming for team building and ice breaker events, birthday drum and music circles for kids are also available.


We offer a wide variety of instruments, from Darbuka to Piano, for ages 7 and up. Check our full selection here and choose what your heart desires to discover.

"We are incubated in rhythm. Our mother heartbeat is our first concert in the womb. Rhythm is everyone's homeland."

"We are over thinkers, and we can get lost in the past or future, but rhythm takes us to the beat of the now, the present moment."

"When you deactivate the mind, you discover a greater voice; the creative mind."